Romain here at 4 years, presenting SM radio-controlled montblanc in its box of origin which takes again a photograph of the 1st catalogue.

My twin sister Julie and Mathilde very interested by the toy which functions with wonder! A beautiful gift of my wife for my 31ème birthday. It is my very first old toy.

This SM wire-guided is the version "Prevention road" with the slogan "girded and safe" therefore one sees the driver with a belt.


Small detail interressant on the dashboard one can see the reproduction of a Michelin chart in the same proportions as the car i.e. on the scale 1/12ème.






the radio incorporated in SM is continental a edison







Model with friction










DS 19 Chapron Half-compartment Dandy ref. 259. Model with doors and opening trunks and seats tilting.



Model of the standard 2èm, with a base out of sheet, bumper, hub caps, handles of doors and chrome framing of ice, opening cap (for the pile) with crutch, electric lighting, versionwith front insane wheel.



DS 21 pick-up with Sprung The magic roundabout of British televised series









Republication of old model JRD of 1961. It differs by the mention "85" on the base, of the rims and the different tires. Here it is the model with suspension.






The very first DS at Dinky, without interior and pane



This time the model is provided of window




This DS receives scintillating headlights (which one also calls of the headlights diamonds) and front is redrawn by adopting the new aerodynamic careenage as well as the two rubber stops on the avoid-shock. The dinky has two opening parts: the trunk as well as the cap which makes it possible to see the engine as well as the removable spare wheel.























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